Paris? Yay!

The City of Light never disappoints, and this time it even provided me and my crew with a little taste of home. It was amazing to visit the same place, yet gain a new appreciation and perspective from the experience. The best part of the trip was mixing the classic tourist activities with the cool, “local” to dos.

What’s a trip to Paris without a stop at the Tour Eiffel, Arch de Triumph, Chateau de Versailles. Something about these sights makes you want to go full on storybook romantic…with a side of hard core athlete, because to get to the cool views, you must first walk a few miles or climb stairs. It’s worth it! Besides, the free exercise is a perfect way to work off all of the crepes that you’ll eat.

After the daytime tourist attractions were complete, we wanted to spend the night where the locals play. If you have ever been to the Wynwood area in Miami, Florida then you might have partied at Wood Tavern, which is a super dope outdoor watering hole with great music, wooden bleachers, food truck style bar setups, Christmas lights, and a “come and have a great time” vibe. Well, the Parisian locals lead us to Wood Tavern’s Parisian cousin, namely Wanderlust. It was like being at home.

Local plug number two was a cool rooftop bar called Le Perchoir. To get there you stroll down a street, walking past several bars and restaurants until you reach a quiet residential street. The building has no signage, only a large black door and a line of people waiting to be escorted up. When you get off the elevator you arrive on a rooftop patio with eclectic décor, cool music playing, and mixologists ready to create cocktails infused with dried fruits.

The digs for the stay: Hotel Fabric - An old factory that has been converted into a chic boutique hotel. It was in a great location that made it easy to walk or catch the metro everywhere.

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