Break It Down


Any artist will tell you that you simply can’t keep a creator in a box.  The source of inspiration, creative intent, and method of expression is always under constant review. The design process is filled with moments of self-praise, self-evaluation, self-critique, “this sucks, get rid of it”, and “this shit is DOPE!” The beauty of creating a pop-up store is that its temporary nature allows you to experiment.

For me, the more bare the space, the better. It’s a blank canvas that you can use to create the look, mood, and overall esthetic that will house the art, the clothes. The other great benefit is the ability to get instant feedback. It’s the scariest and most amazing experience, and you can’t put a price on the lessons gained from each customer interaction.

When we set out to do our first pop-up shop, we found a blank white space in Miami. We transformed it into a branded store, opened the doors for business, and removed the installation all within 24hrs. One word to describe the event: Awesome.

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  • Kimberlee Capodiferro

    WOW GIRL!!! YOU DID IT!! After sitting in the same office with you for those few months, I definitely knew I would hear your name again! I am just so proud and excited for you! Please keep me updated! Best, Kim

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